5 Most Outrageous and Awesome Traffic Violations

Stupid things that people have actually done.

  1. In May 2003, a man in Texas was given the fastest speeding ticket ever at 242 MPH in a 75 MPH zone while driving a Koenigsegg, the fancy Swedish sports car.
  2. A Lithuanian man was pulled over with a blood alcohol level of .727%, about 18 times the legal limit. He was fined $1110. The driver said he had been drinking the previous night and tried to "freshen up" with a beer for breakfast. This is far more than the fatal blood alcohol level for most people and is the equivalent of drinking more than one bottle of vodka before getting behind the wheel.
  3. A car chase starting in Wrestedt, Germany ended 620 miles and 2 days later in Rivne, Ukraine passing through the entire country of Poland. The chase started after a bank robbery in Germany. Police stayed back figuring that the thieves would have to refuel.
  4. A British man borrowed his brother's Bugatti Veyron valued at over $1.6 million and proceeded to drive at over 100 MPH, crashing it into a van, then a tree, thus rendering the car a complete write off.
  5. Anssi Vanjoki, director of Nokia in Helsinki, Finland was fined $103,600 after driving his Harley at 47 MPH in a 31 MPH zone. Traffic fines in Finland are based on the income of the violator, not just the type of offense.

This one's not a traffic violation, but still deserves note. Dave Givens, an electrical engineer at Cisco, drives 186 miles each way to work, 5 days a week from his home in Mariposa, California to Silicon Valley. He has done that commute since 1989 and typically spends 7 hours on the road each day.