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Through our partnership with clarinetcloset.com, we are able to offer you these quality used clarinets at affordable prices. All clarinets are 100% guaranteed to be in great playing condition.

Why Buy From Clarinet Closet?
  • Clarinet Closet was started by two retired music teachers to offer quality, affordable clarinets to beginning band students.
  • Since each instrument is guaranteed to be in working order, you won't have to worry! The instrument may not look new, but it will play new.
  • Clarinet Closet offers only high quality brand-name clarinets that will help your student get the best sound possible, and will retain their value well.
  • Clarinet Closet offers a significant cost savings over new clarinets and used clarinets at music stores.
  • Clarinet Closet has sold hundreds of instruments on EBay, and has 100% positive feedback!

Featured Instruments

Buffet E11 Wood Clarinet
You can't beat the sound of this used Buffet E11 clarinet, a great choice for the advancing clarinetist. Pads, corks and springs have been replaced where needed, and the body cleaned and oiled. There are no cracks in the wood body, and the tenons have been treated well. The logo is only faintly visible on the top joint, but more clear on the bell. There is plating wear, evidenced by one gold-red colored ring, cloudy areas on many of the keys, and a noticeable worn spot on the lower F/C lever. The mouthpiece, with a new cap, and topped off by a Bonade inverted ligature, has a little discoloration and light scratches; nevertheless, it is in excellent playing condition. It comes in an attache style Buffet case that has scuff marks and scratches on the outside, along with edge wear. The interior has light wear and cork grease remains. Included are a reed guard, new swab, and cork grease.
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Jupiter Capital Edition Plastic Clarinet
Though not as well-known as the Yamaha clarinets, this used Jupiter Capital Edition has a similar appearance and feel, with the addition of an adjustable thumb rest. Pads, corks and springs have been checked over and replaced as needed when it was cleaned and serviced. The logo is somewhat visible on the lower joint, and pretty well missing from the other parts. There is light plating wear, evidenced by a cloudy area on the side G# key, and small spots on a couple of others. Unusual for plastic instruments, there are relatively few scratches and blemishes in the finish. The mouthpiece is new, and the ligature and cap are in good condition. It comes in a Jupiter case that has scuffing and scratches on the exterior, while the plush interior shows light wear, cork grease remains, and wear in the underlying frame. Included are 3 new reeds, swab and cork grease.
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